Design Process

At GreenApple, we can successfully turn your outdoor needs and ideas into great living spaces. The following knowledge of the design and construction process will facilitate the creation of the best solution for your property.

The first step in our process is an initial consultation. Often, this step is complimentary, as there is great value for both homeowner and designer in getting to know each other while seeing the proposed space firsthand. Bring copies of the property site survey and, if available, pictures of your ideal setting to pass on to your designer. A rough idea of your planned project budget is also useful at this time.

Once the design parameter and appropriate fee are established, a second appointment is scheduled. Our design work is done on a basis of $75 per design hour, with most projects falling in the 4-8 hour range. Complicated spaces may require additional hours and simple designs may be less ($100 minimum).

Our second meeting is the initial design presentation. This step will either bring you the perfect design or a starting point for further planning. Designs are to scale, labeled, and priority elements (patio, landscape lighting, grill kitchen, etc.) are priced as requested.

When an appropriate plan is agreed upon, the next step of signing, collection of project deposit, and scheduling can occur. Depending on the season and project load, time from signing to initial construction may vary, but is typically in the 2-12 week range.

Construction of most projects range from a few days to several weeks. Since most of our work occurs outside the home, little, if any, access will be needed to complete the project – freeing up your time to live a normal life during construction. If you have any special requests during this stage, please ask. We want your installation experience to be a pleasant one.